Budget 2015 – Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education

The Government of Alberta is taking steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of Campus Alberta and giving students more resources to help them learn and succeed.

Budget 2015 will start the process of moving our current post-secondary system to a more highly performing, financially sustainable and accessible model.

Over the next two years, institutions will receive transitional funding from the Access to the Future Fund to help transform the system, while working with phased-in reductions to their base operating grants.

Significant enhancements have been made to Alberta’s Student Aid Program. This includes increasing loan limits and living allowances, doubling funds for the Alberta Low Income grant; and expanding assistance for Aboriginal students and apprentices.

Students, institutions and all of our partners have a role to play in this transformation. Over the coming months, we will be asking all of our partners for their input to help develop a new five-year plan for Campus Alberta.

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Highlights from Innovation and Advanced Education’s 2015 Departmental budget 

News Release


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