Alberta Major Projects Site

Have you ever stopped noticed that sometimes it’s the little things than can make everything run a little smoother and make life easier? We definitely take notice when the little things aren’t functioning so well…for instance when your computer takes forever to load a web page; or when you search for information and the search function isn’t finding anything you need; or when you try to access a site from your mobile device, but the site isn’t mobile friendly.

In Alberta we know that providing timely and important business information is a critical element in creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital investment, and growing our economy.

Our newly upgraded online tool at helps firms identify potential supply opportunities and lets Albertans know the status of projects in the province valued at $5 million or greater.

The map is a great resource for exploring projects across Alberta using an MLS (multiple listing service) style map interface.

major-projects-thumbnail-cutout (2)

We’ve recently upgraded this online tool to include: optimization for use on mobile devices, a more user-friendly experience, greater search functionality, and quicker loading capability.

Other Online Tools
This is just one of the ways the Alberta government is bringing products online to make it easier to do business.

Last year, we launched Alberta’s Economic Dashboard, an online tool that provides timely and vital Alberta economic statistics, and identifies new trends.

And last fall we introduced our new streamlined website,, which provides a one-stop shop for government services information – helping small businesses save time and money.

We’ll continue to work on providing Albertans with more online tools that deliver better economic and business information faster.



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